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Sierra Vista

Price $555,000

Sierra Vista (“mountain view” in Spanish) is best known for its panoramic mountain views, temperate seasons, beautiful skies, and world-famous birding. It’s considered the “hummingbird capital of the U.S.” and is home to enough resident and migrating birds that it regularly sets national records for largest amount of inland bird species.
Beyond outdoor attractions, Sierra Vista is something of a melting pot, offering dining experiences from around the world. Whether you’re in the mood for Italian, German, or Japanese, Sierra Vista has an option for you.
Housing prices are considered affordable in Sierra Vista, particularly when compared with the nearby Tucson. In fact, it was recently named one of the most affordable communities in the state. You’ll find a mix of planned communities and neighborhood living, town homes, and apartments with new developments in the works.


  • Bella Vista Elementary School
  • Carmichael Elementary School
  • Huachuca Mountain Elementary School
  • Pueblo Del Sol Elementary
  • Town & Country Elementary
  • Village Meadows Elementary School
  • Joyce Clark Middle School
  • Buena High School
  • Berean Academy



Properties for Sale

5381 E Ash Canyon Rd, Hereford, AZ 85615
Price: $285,000


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Josh Mentesana


Josh has been involved in real estate and construction project management for over 10 years in Florida and Arizona. Prior to moving to Arizona in 2018, Josh was also licensed in general lines insurance including life, health, and annuity for 5 years in Florida.

When family ties brought him to southern Arizona, Josh recognized the incredible growth potential of the market around him and began fixing and flipping houses. Fixing and flipping turned to fixing and holding and the pursuit of larger development projects. He was also fortunate to serve many wonderful buyers and sellers, and to establish long-standing relationships with multiple investors during that time.

A few years and several millions of dollars in real estate transactions later, Josh decided to open a brokerage with the goal of helping others accomplish their goals and find financial freedom through real estate.

Josh lives in Sonoita, Arizona with his wife and business partner, Kathryn. Josh and Kathryn have fallen in love with the Sonoita/Elgin area with its rolling hills, mountain views, breathtaking sunsets, and of course, incredible vineyards and wineries.

Outside of business, Josh is an accomplished martial artist. He holds a second-degree black belt in Krav Maga (Israeli combat). Josh carries the core values of Krav Maga, courtesy, modesty, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and the indominable spirit in every area of his life. It has been his privilege to train hundreds of adults and children in his nearly 20 years of practice.

Kathryn Mentesana

Acquisitions Manager

Kathryn brings over a decade of marketing, technology, sales, and contracting experience to the brokerage. After graduating with honors from the University of Florida, she began working in digital marketing with a focus on automotive and hotel groups for several years before being drawn to technology for real estate and construction.

That draw led Kathryn to work in software for REITs and serial builders, most notably with e-Builder, Inc., a Trimble Technologies company, and Aurigo Software Inc. Kathryn focused primarily on helping developers, state, and federal government agencies manage multibillion-dollar capital programs with capital planning, project management, right-of-way, materials and lab testing, and asset management software.

Josh and Kathryn believe that their shared passion for construction and real estate is one of the many reasons they were drawn to each other. After a year of dating long-distance, Kathryn moved to Arizona in 2018 where she and Josh were later married. She assisted Josh with strategic real estate acquisitions for 3 years before taking on her role as Acquisitions Manager with Red Tail Real Estate.

Outside of work, Kathryn loves sports and spending time outdoors. She was a fastpitch softball player for over 10 years and played in the winning ASA World Series game in Olympia, WA. She loves to SCUBA dive, although it’s a little difficult in Arizona, so she’s getting much more into hiking and bird watching.